I want to launch a business

Great – You want to launch a business. Now, we have to start by establishing a line of communication, create your profile and identify the opportunity that you want to grab.

The best way is for you to go to the Contact Us page;
1. Enter your email
2. In the subject field, enter the name of the opportunity*
3. Write a short explanation of why you think this opportunity suites you**
4. Click “Send Message”

We will contact you within a week, during working hours, with a small form for you to fill. Hereafter, we will schedule a meeting (Face-to-Face or online).

We will discuss the project, procedures, support, conditions, finance and timeline. We might not be able to answer all your questions and you might need to provide additional information, so you should expect a second meeting.

All information is kept confidential of course.

Once both parties are comfortable, we will work on the formalities. Once these are settled, we will start identifying all required support and training, so as to establish a timeline and deadlines. Depending on the requirements, training and if the business opportunity is online or to be developed; you should plan for your business to be fully operational in 3 to 6 months.

* Use the title from the business opportunity page

* Use the title from the business opportunity page

**Minimum 100 words/max 200 words


We provide business and franchise opportunities through developing innovative digital business solutions.

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  Office No. 2, 14 Avenue Sodnac, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
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