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A range of comprehensive web development packages can be upgraded with additional features to meet the needs of your business and budget

We offer a variety of web development packages to suit your needs and budget. There are different options depending on the franchise agreement and the franchise business: A new web platform may need to be developed by MYP in collaboration with you, in which case we will explain the process to you from storyboard to launch; or where a website is live, there might be adjustments to be made in addition to training in the use and maintenance of the CMS.

Service Details

  • E-commerce
  • Programming
  • Template Websites
  • Customised Websites
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As your franchise progresses you may want to upgrade or add new features or expand with a mobile app. In which case you can rely on MYP services, to maintain the quality and where special franchise rates are guaranteed.

In case you wish to build landing pages or expand your online network to drive traffic and raise revenue, energise your brand or add E-commerce to your site; you will again benefit from special franchise prices.

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