As an entrepreneur, start-up or franchisee, when you are running your own business you will be doing much of the work yourself, but there are some technical areas you may not have any knowledge of, while MYP can take care of your marketing needs, where do you turn to for legal advice or for help with your financial matters?

Now some of you may ‘know’ an accountant or a lawyer, they may be a close friend or family member, so you may think it will save you money to turn to them. Unfortunately experience tells us that this may not be the best idea. While they may have the best intentions, they may not have as much time to help you, as you may like or need, and if you are not paying them, may not be as motivated as a paid professional. Ultimately if you are not happy with their work you are unlikely to want to pursue a claim against them and sour relationships! You may even want to try to do some of the work yourself – but at the end of the day, a professional service provider can do the work faster and more effectively than you can, leaving you free to concentrate on your business strategies, operation and customer service!

With this is mind, we have done some of the leg-work for you and sought out professional service providers that we recommend highly, that you can consider working with to help your business operate efficiently and successfully. As with all referrals, make sure you do some research to ensure a professional service provider is the right fit for your business.

At some point, business owners may find they need assistance in one or more technical areas such as finance, law, insurance and so on. You may need a professional service provider on a one-off, temporary, or ongoing capacity to ensure your business can run effectively.

MYP are pleased to offer recommendations on professional service providers that we have vetted and approved, who we believe can help your business succeed.

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