Franchise Description

Rodrigues.Holidays.IO is an active international franchise with a prime domain name set up as an online booking portal promoting sustainable tourism, accommodation and activities in Rodrigues.

Project Details

  • Customised Template Site
  • Development HTML + CSS
  • Programmed booking system
  • E-commerce
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Rodrigues.Holidays.IO is an active international franchise under the prime domain name Holidays.IO. The portal is operated by a local tour operator. This online booking portal promotes sustainable tourism, hotels, resorts and other accommodation types, tours and activities available in Rodrigues and has room to expand to offer packages and other services.

Holidays.IO is developing into an umbrella for holiday destinations for the Indian Ocean; tihere are options to develop additional sites and link with other destinations. This will benefit all operators with joint online Marketing (SEO).

Another active sister portal site is Mauritius.Holidays.IO.

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