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Mobilify your business with a Entrepreneur Premium Plus package…

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  • Hardware
  • Online Structure
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile App(s)

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The package is for the businesses that want to be mobile in every sense of the word; from employees working on the road and from home to using mobile and online solutions throughout your organisation, marketing and sales. Consider yourself, your employees and your clients mainly using laptops, tablets, mobile phones in all aspects of their daily life and in communications etc.

You may want to keep a small office only as 90% of your human resources are on the road and working from home. Administration and documentation is stored on a cloud server, your presentations are easily accessed on tablets, you can use qr codes, mobile web applications in your marketing, and your customers can access your services through mobile apps and payments are through bank transfers and/or e-commerce.

You can Mobilify your business from hardware, to online marketing to your administration with online solutions. It is necessary for us to understand your needs, as this package is not a one solution fits all. We will create a tailor-made package for you.

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