If you are an entrepreneur or start-up, we know there is so much to do at the beginning and sometimes a step gets skipped now and then. We understand the need to move at lightning speed and this is not helped by a long “to-do-list” especially when it becomes technical or you face other areas that you might not be familiar with.

There are so many service providers, who all have a different approach, opinion, solutions, and pricing, and you would think that it would be easy to compare a service such as web development, logo design or accounting - But it is NOT!

So would it not be nice to have one reliable service provider that wants to help you make a smart start and achieve stable growth? MYP Online Marketing is that company – We are "Entrepreneurs at heart".

We have created a couple of packages that enable you to develop your business online and ensure that the basics for traditional marketing and operation with printed materials are in place.

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We get it – We and our team are entrepreneurs. This enables us to offer thoughtful suggestions and services, so that our clients can build up a real world online business that makes economic sense and help them to stay objective.


No one likes surprise fees or required services. It is MYP’s philosophy to be upfront about pricing and interlinked services and inform clients on future requirements related to growth. NO HIDDEN FEES!


MYP have incredible networks both online, locally and with international partners. We know the importance of building relationships with the right people, so we are always making introductions and ready to build connections.

As entrepreneurs or start-ups there is seemingly an endless list of tasks involved in starting a business. MYP are entrepreneurs and understand your needs.

We have compiled comprehensive packages to cater for differing needs and budgets that include:
Pre-start-ups Classic, Start-up Classic and Start-up Premium
Entrepreneur Classic, Entrepreneur Premium and Mobilify. Female entrepreneurs can take advantage of our special programmes.

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