We have been among leading online and digital marketing company for a long time and with no signs of the industry slowing down, we plan to continue well into the future.

MYP’s History

We operate in a perpetually evolving industry, so we ourselves have also evolved with it over the years. In fact it could be said that MYP was one of the pioneers within the ICT sector of Mauritius. We first started, in 1996, Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) supporting businesses to become visible online and facilitated connecting them with consumers. Then, we introduced website design and development, and now, 21 years later, we help businesses and brands execute every level of digital marketing.

In 2014, we decided to redevelop the portal and business structure to become an innovative and progressive company, with the aim of venturing into the Indian Ocean through our Indian Ocean Network.

In 2015, Mauritius Yellow Pages received a facelift, and in 2016, the soft launch of the new Yellow Pages platform (Yellow.MU) introduced business listings with additional marketing options and features including QR codes and YellowMail®. Now we are entering the second phase of development with December 2017 being the time our platform will have integrated the latest technologies with public information and a greater number of services, in addition to advanced search features for the consumers and commercial features for businesses under YellowPages.IO. As MYP matured into a regionally recognised name, we have cultivated partnerships in the industry, which in turn has strengthened the power of our network and helped us to provide additional services to our clients.

MYP Today

Following the soft launch of Mauritius Yellow Pages; we started to review and redevelop our portfolio of services and websites, and at the same time realised the need to support SMEs and Entrepreneurs, and in particular female entrepreneurs. MYP also identified the need for a Franchise Business and therefore logically combined these two ventures, while taking the same approach within its own organisation.

MYP Online Marketing (MYP) is a progressive, innovative digital marketing development company that offers complete business and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, professionals and SMEs.

MYP embrace revolutionary technology and software solutions, in search of integrating these in innovating ways to the benefit of our clients and start-up businesses "Entrepreneurs". Additionally, we seek to connect investors with entrepreneurs and business startups in Mauritius.

We welcome and seek a dynamic spectrum of clients; from standard businesses to extraordinary ultramodern, leading edge entrepreneurial ventures.

MYP does not provide "boxed" solutions. We look at technologies that can be integrated with others, and/or custom designed to fit the exclusive needs of each client.