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THREEImplement is your gateway to a wealth of information and support for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Discover franchise and business opportunities in our franchise information directory, with businesses categories from local to regional online businesses. If you want to start a business but are stuck for ideas, we have over 200 domain names that can help you to be inspired! You will find all the guidance you need to start a franchise from legal advice, contractual obligations, restrictions, and an FAQ, to information specifically to help women get started as a franchisee, you can even add your existing business to our franchise network!

There is so much to do to make your business successful, and MYP will try to make things easier with our tailored packages of services, including monthly marketing options, that enable you to develop your business online. We provide a range of services, from Business Listings to Web Development, Online, Mobile and Traditional Marketing to Graphic Design, Multimedia, ICT Services and Consulting.

When you need assistance in one or more technical areas such as accounting, law, insurance, and others, MYP are pleased to offer recommendations on professional service providers that we have vetted and approved, who we believe can help your business succeed. Another innovative and exciting service that MYP offers is investor matching. When you are looking for capital to fund your business but want an alternative option to a loan from a bank we can help you connect with an angel investor or venture capitalist to secure the funds you need. MYP particularly want to support female entrepreneurs start their own businesses and have a number of incentives to help you get started.

Find out more about MYP and why we are the right partner for you and your business to help you succeed!

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Take a look at the great opportunities available on our franchise website listing – choose a business to suit you from a wide range of categories including Travel and Tourism, ICT and Publishing. Note some are in development, while others are to be developed.


At Your Service

  • If you are an entrepreneur, start-up or franchisee, it is unlikely you will have knowledge of all the technical areas needed to operate your business successfully. You may need advice on legal, financial or insurance matters or even investor recommendations if you are seeking seed or growth capital. MYP are here to help and have sought out and vetted professional service providers and investors that we recommend highly, that you can consider working with to help your business be successful.

  • When you are running your own business, you are likely to need a range of technical, graphics, marketing and security services. Do not outsource to several different companies when MYP offers an array of innovative services at discounted prices! We have developed packages tailored toward entrepreneurs and small businesses that include options from Business Listings, Web Development and Online, Mobile and Traditional Marketing, to Graphic Design, Multimedia, ICT Services and Consulting.

  • MYP are entrepreneurs, and want to help other entrepreneurs be successful. In particular we have made it our mission to support female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Find inspiration from the success of other female franchisees and see how MYP can provide guidance and support to help you start and build your business with our tailored service packages offered at discounted rates that provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to run your business effectively.

  • If you are an investor wishing to support entrepreneurs, you can find more information, guidance and opportunities here. You can provide us with your information, state what type of businesses you are keen to support and how much you can invest, so that entrepreneurs can find you. We also encourage investors to share their expertise and experience and sign up as a mentor to help new businesses thrive. MYP provide a platform to facilitate the connection of investors and entrepreneurs.

YellowPages.IO Franchise Opportunity

  • One of our core franchise businesses is our Yellow Pages Platform that is promoted and linked with YellowPages.IO - A New Generation Yellow Pages!

  • If you are an official Yellow Pages operator within your country and looking to improve your existing online operation, services, and revenue - you will want to contact us now!

  • The traditional business directory has undergone some fine-tuning i.e., which considers the consumer, business community and the operator, and a built-in special framework that increases security.